Project Number   Type Registration with tick if current
PFA G/01-1001Bensen B.8MG-BJAO 
-1002details not know
PFA G/01-1003Bensen B.8MRG-BIHX 
PFA G/01-1004Bensen B.8MG-YROS 
PFA G/01-1005Bensen B.8MG-BIGP 
PFA G/01-1006Bensen B.8MRG-BREA 
PFA G/01-1007Bensen B.8MRG-BIPY 
PFA G/01-1008Bensen B.8MG-BIVK 
PFA G/01-1009Bensen B.8MRG-BHKE 
PFA G/01-1010Bensen B.8MRG-BIFN 
PFA G/01-1011Bensen B.8MG-BIVL 
PFA G/01-1012Bensen B.8MVG-BJZY 
PFA G/01-1013Bensen B.8MVG-BIRV 
PFA G/01-1014Bensen B.8(not registered yet) 
PFA G/01-1015Bensen B.8MG-BIZT 
PFA G/01-1016Bensen B.8MG-BHEM 
-1017details not know
-1018details not know
-1019details not know
PFA G/01-1020Bensen B.8G-BNJL 
PFA G/01-1021Bensen B.8MRG-BMZW 
-1022details not know
-1023details not know
-1024details not know
PFA G/01-1025Bensen B.8VG-BJMJ 
PFA G/01-1026Bensen B.8MG-BJSU 
PFA G/01-1027Bensen B.8MG-ONAN 
-1028details not know
PFA G/01-1029Skyhawk G-BLGN 
PFA G/01-1030Bensen B.8MPVG-BKNY 
-1031details not know
PFA G/01-1032Bensen B.8MG-BIGU 
PFA G/01-1033Bensen B.8MG-BIGX 
-1034details not know
PFA G/01-1035Bensen B.8MRG-BKHX 
PFA G/01-1036Bensen B.8MRG-BPBA 
-1037details not know
PFA G/01-1038Bensen B.8G-BKGZ 
PFA G/01-1039Bensen B.8MG-BRBS 
-1040details not know
PFA G/01-1041Bensen B.8MG-BMYV 
-1042details not know
PFA G/01-1043Bensen B.8MG-BIOT 
PFA G/01-1044Bensen B.8MG-BKZJ 
PFA G/01-1045Bensen B.8MG-BKUS 
PFA G/03-1046Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-GYRO 
PFA G/01-1047Campbell CricketG-BKVS 
-1048details not know
PFA G/01-1049Bensen B.80VG-BLEU 
-1050details not know
-1051details not know
PFA G/01-1052Bensen B.8G-HAGS 
-1053details not know
PFA G/01-1054Bensen B.8MG-AXBG 
PFA G/01-1055Bensen B.8MG-BLLA 
PFA G/01-1056Bensen B.80VG-BVMG 
-1057details not know
PFA G/01-1058Bensen B.8G-BPTV 
PFA G/01A-1059Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BLLB 
PFA G/01-1060Benson B80VG-BOWZ 
PFA G/01-1061Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BSPJ 
-1062details not know
-1063details not know
PFA G/01-1064Bensen B.8MRG-BMBW 
-1065details not know
PFA G/01-1066Bensen B.8MG-BMOT 
PFA G/01-1067Bensen B.8G-ROTA 
-1068details not know
PFA G/01-1069Bensen B.8MG-BMCE 
PFA G/01-1070Bensen B.8MG-BNBU 
PFA G/01-1071Bensen B.8M(not registered yet) 
PFA G/01-1072Bensen B.8MRG-BMUH 
PFA G/01-1073Montgomerie-Bensen Two SeatG-BRFW 
PFA G/01-1074Bensen B.8RG-BMVR 
PFA G/01-1075White-Bensen B.8MV GyrocopterG-BDJF 
-1076details not know
PFA G/03-1077Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BRLF 
-1078details not know
-1079details not know
PFA G/01-1080Bensen B.8G-BSJB 
-1081details not know
PFA G/01-1082Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-NEII 
PFA G/01-1083Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BTJS 
PFA G/01-1084Bensen B.8MG-OTIM 
PFA G/03-1085Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BORG 
PFA G/01-1086Bensen B.8MRG-BOTZ 
PFA G/04-1087Air Command 503 CommanderG-BOIK 
PFA G/01-1088Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BPCV 
-1089details not know
PFA G/04-1090Air Command 503 CommanderG-BOIK 
PFA G/01-1091Bensen B.8MG-BOYK 
PFA G/01-1092Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BOUV 
PFA G/01-1093Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BTIG 
PFA G/04-1094Air Command 503 CommanderG-BOAS 
-1095details not know
PFA G/01-1096Bensen B.8MRG-BOZW 
PFA G/04-1097Air Command 503 CommanderG-BPAO 
PFA G/04-1098Air Command 532 Commander Elite IIG-BOOJ 
-1099details not know
PFA G/01-1100Bensen B.8MG-BPSK 
PFA G/04-1101Air Commander 532 Commander Elite IIG-BOKF 
PFA G/04-1102Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BOGV 
PFA G/04-1103Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BPAK 
PFA G/04-1104Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-CORK 
PFA G/04-1105Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BPPR 
PFA G/06-1106Ken Brock KB-2G-BSEG 
PFA G/04-1107Air Command 503 CommanderG-BPMC 
PFA G/04-1108Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BPGC 
PFA G/01A-1109Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BPOO 
PFA G/04-1110Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-YROB 
PFA G/01-1111Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRZK-RAY 
PFA G/04-1112Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BPRS 
PFA G/04-1113Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-KLIK 
PFA G/04-1114Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BPYW 
PFA G/01A-1115Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BPMG 
PFA G/01A-1116Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BPFK 
PFA G/01A-1117Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-INCH 
-1118details not know
PFA G/04-1119Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BPJY 
PFA G/04-1120Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BPPU 
PFA G/04-1121Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BOVP 
PFA G/04-1122Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BOHG 
PFA G/01A-1123Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MG-BRHL 
PFA G/04-1124Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BPFW 
PFA G/04-1125Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-OGTS 
PFA G/04-1126Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BOJG 
PFA G/01-1127Bensen B.8G-AYTY 
PFA G/04-1128Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BPUI 
PFA G/04-1129Air Command 532 Commander Elite IIG-BPHA 
-1130details not know
PFA G/01A-1131Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BRCF 
-1132details not know
PFA G/01A-1133Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BRHU 
-1134details not know
PFA G/01-1135Bensen B.8MRG-BSBX 
PFA G/04-1136Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BPUE 
PFA G/01A-1137Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BREU 
-1138details not know
PFA G/04-1139Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BREM 
PFA G/04-1140Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BPYB 
PFA G/01A-1141Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BTFW 
PFA G/01A-1142Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BROT 
-1143details not know
PFA G/01-1144Bensen B.8MG-BRHM 
PFA G/01A-1145Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-YROY 
PFA G/04-1146Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BRKS 
PFA G/04-1147Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BRKZ 
PFA G/04-1148Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BRLH 
PFA G/04-1149Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BRGO 
PFA G/04-1150Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BRKX 
-1151details not know
PFA G/06-1152Ken Brock KB-2G-BUZV 
PFA G/04-1153Air Command 503 CommanderG-KENB 
PFA G/04-1154Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BROF 
PFA G/04-1155Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BRLK 
PFA G/01A-1156Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BRZN 
PFA G/04-1157Air Command 532 EliteG-BPUG 
PFA G/04-1158Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BRSP 
PFA G/04-1159Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BRMM 
PFA G/01-1160Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BRXN 
PFA G/01-1161Bensen B.8VG-BSNI 
-1162details not know
PFA G/03-1163Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BVLD 
-1164details not know
PFA G/04-1165Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BSEZ 
-1166details not know
PFA G/04-1167Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-TFRB 
-1168details not know
-1169details not know
PFA G/01-1170Bensen B.8MG-BSMG 
PFA G/01-1171Bensen B.8MRG-BSMX 
PFA G/04-1172Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BSCB 
PFA G/03-1173Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BUIG 
-1174details not know
-1175details not know
PFA G/01-1176Bensen B.8MG-BSNY 
PFA G/03-1177Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BXCJ 
-1178details not know
-1179details not know
PFA G/04-1180Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BSND 
PFA G/01-1181Bensen B.8MRG-BSNL 
-1182details not know
PFA G/01A-1183Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BTBL 
-1184details not know
-1185details not know
PFA G/01-1186Bensen B.8MRG-BSYP 
PFA G/04-1187Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BSSN 
PFA G/05-1188Air Command 532 Commander Elite 2 SeatG-BSRZ 
PFA G/03-1189Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BVDJ 
PFA G/01-1190Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BVAZ 
-1191details not know
PFA G/04-1192Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BSXR 
PFA G/01-1193Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BSZM 
PFA G/01-1194Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BTJN 
PFA G/04-1195Air Command 532 Commander EliteG-BSXP 
PFA G/01-1196Bensen B.8MG-BTAH 
PFA G/01-1197Bensen B.8G-BWEY 
PFA G/04-1198Air Command 582 TandemG-BTCB 
-1199details not know
PFA G/04-1200Air Command 582 TandemG-URRR 
-1201details not know
PFA G/01-1202Bensen B.8MRG-REBE 
-1203details not know
PFA G/01-1204Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BTTD 
-1205details not know
-1206details not know
-1207details not know
PFA G/01-1208Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BWAH 
PFA G/01-1209Bensen B.8MRG-BUPF 
PFA G/01-1210Bensen B.8MRG-BTSU 
PFA G/01-1211Bensen B.8MG-BVKJ 
-1212details not know
PFA G/03-1213Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BULT 
PFA G/06-1214Ken Brock KB-2G-BUYT 
PFA G/08-1215Bensen-Parsons Two PlaceG-BUWH 
PFA G/03-1216Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BWSD 
-1217details not know
PFA G/06-1218Ken Brock KB-2G-BVMN 
PFA G/01-1219Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BXDC 
PFA G/03-1220Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BVOH 
PFA G/01-1221Bensen B.8MG-BVKJ 
-1222details not know
PFA G/03-1223Everett Gyroplane Srs.3G-LAXY 
-1224details not know
PFA G/08-1225Bensen-Parsons Two PlaceG-IIXX 
PFA G/03-1226Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BTMP 
-1227details not know
PFA G/01A-1228Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BVIF 
PFA G/03-1229Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BVIT 
-1230details not know
-1231details not know
PFA G/10-1232Mccandless M.4 GyrocopterG-BVLE 
-1233details not know
PFA G/08-1234Bensen-Parsons Two PlaceG-BVPH 
PFA G/03-1235Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BWCE 
-1236details not know
PFA G/01-1237Bensen B.8G-BVPX 
PFA G/08-1238Montgomerie-Bensen Two PlaceG-BVOD 
PFA G/12-1239Magni M-16 Tandem TrainerG-DBDBG-DBDB Magni M-16 [PFA G/12-1239] Popham 050518
PFA G/12-1240Magni M-16 Tandem TrainerG-IBFP 
-1241details not know
-1242details not know
-1243details not know
PFA G/06-1244Ken Brock KB-2G-BVUJ 
PFA G/01-1245Bensen B.8G-BNCV 
-1246details not know
-1247details not know
PFA G/03-1248Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BWUA 
PFA G/12-1249Magni M-16 Tandem TrainerG-NANA 
-1250details not know
PFA G/12-1251Magni M-16 Tandem TrainerG-ODPJG-ODPJ Magni M-16 (PFA G/12-1251) Popham 040514
PFA G/13-1252RAF 2000G-BWAE 
PFA G/13-1253RAF 2000G-BWHS 
PFA G/13-1254RAF 2000G-BWAD 
PFA G/09-1255Wombat GyrocopterG-BWLZ 
PFA G/14-1256Barnett J-4B GyroplaneG-BWCW 
PFA G/03-1257Campbell Cricket(not registered yet) 
-1258details not know
PFA G/01-1259Montomerie-Bensen B.8MR GyrocopterG-BGIO 
-1260details not know
-1261details not know
PFA G/01-1262Mongomerie-Bensen B.8G-BWJN 
PFA G/15-1263Lovegrove AV-8 GyroplaneG-BXXR 
PFA G/13-1264RAF 2000 GTX-SEG-BWTK 
PFA G/03-1265Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BYMP 
PFA G/03-1266Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BYMO 
PFA G/03-1267Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BWUZ 
PFA G/01-1268Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BWSZ 
-1269details not know
PFA G/13-1270RAF 2000 GTX SEG-BXEA 
PFA G/13-1271RAF 2000 GTX SEG-TXSE 
PFA G/03-1272Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BXUA 
-1273details not know
PFA G/05-1274Air Command 532 Commander Elite 2 SeatG-BWTY 
PFA G/08-1275Bensen-Parsons Two PlaceG-IVYS 
PFA G/08-1276Montgomerie-Bensen Two PlaceG-UNIV 
PFA G/13-1277RAF 2000 GTX SEG-BWWS 
PFA G/13-1278RAF 2000 GTX SEG-IRAFG-IRAF Rotary Air Force RAF-2000GTX-SE (PFA G 13-1278) Popham 030510
PFA G/13-1279RAF 2000 GTX SEG-BXAC 
PFA G/13-1280RAF 2000 GTX SEG-BXDE 
-1281details not know
PFA G/03-1282Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BXEM 
-1283details not know
PFA G/13-1284RAF 2000 GTX SEG-IYROG-IYRO RAF-200GTX-SE [PFA G13-1284] Old Warden 090618
PFA G/13-1285RAF 2000 GTX SEG-HEKK 
-1286details not know
PFA G/01-1287Montomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BXCL 
-1288details not know
PFA G/13-1289RAF 2000 GTX SEG-YRAF 
PFA G/13-1290RAF 2000G-BXGS 
PFA G/13-1291RAF 2000 GTX SEG-BXKM 
PFA G/16-1292Campbell Cricket Mk.6G-BXHU 
PFA G/16-1293Campbell CricketG-BXHU 
PFA G/01-1294Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MG-SCUD 
PFA G/13-1295RAF 2000 GTX SEG-RAFZ 
PFA G/13-1296RAF 2000 GTX SEG-CBAG 
PFA G/13-1297RAF 2000 GTX SEG-BYJA 
PFA G/01-1298Bensen B.8MR(not registered yet) 
-1299details not know
PFA G/01-1300Bensen B.8MG-JOEL 
PFA G/12-1301Magni M-16 Tandem TrainerG-BZJM 
PFA G/13-1302RAF 2000 GTX SEG-BYDW 
PFA G/01-1303Bensen B.8MRG-OOJC 
PFA G/03-1304Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BZKN 
PFA G/13-1305RAF 2000 GTX SEG-BYIN 
-1306details not know
PFA G/03-1307Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-RUGS 
-1308details not know
-1309details not know
-1310details not know
PFA G/08-1311Bensen-Parsons Two PlaceG-CBOU 
PFA G/01-1312Bensen B.8G-CBFW 
PFA G/13-1313RAF 2000 GTX SEG-ONON 
PFA G/01A-1314Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-CBSV 
PFA G/01-1315Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BZID 
-1316details not know
PFA G/03-1317Cambell Cricket Mk IV(not registered yet) 
PFA G/03-1318Cambell Cricket Mk VI(not registered yet) 
PFA G/01-1319Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BZIP 
PFA G/01-1320Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-BZJR 
PFA G/13-1321RAF 2000 GTX SEG-CBHZ 
PFA G/13-1322RAF 2000 GTX SEG-SAYS 
-1323details not know
-1324details not know
PFA G/03-1325Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-BSRL 
PFA G/13-1326RAF 2000 GTX SEG-CBHC 
-1327details not know
PFA G/16-1328Campbell CricketG-CBWM 
-1329details not know
-1330details not know
PFA G/13-1331RAF 2000 GTX SEG-CBCJ 
-1332details not know
PFA G/03-1333Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-CCPD 
PFA G/13-1334RAF 2000 GTX SEG-REBA 
PFA G/13-1335RAF 2000 GTX SEG-CBJNG-CBJN Rotary Air Force RAF-2000GTX-SE [PFA G/13-1335] Sywell 010919
PFA G/13-1336RAF 2000 GTX SEG-CBMJ 
PFA G/03-1337Campbell Cricket ReplicaG-KGEDG-KGED Campbell Cricket Mk.4 [PFA G03-1337] Popham 020509
-1338details not know
PFA G/16-1339Campbell CricketG-CDXVG-CDXV Campbell CricketMk.6A [PFA G16-1339] Popham 020509
PFA G/13-1340RAF 2000 GTX SEG-CBITG-CBIT RAF-2000GTX-SE [PFA G/13-1340] Sywell 020918
PFA G/13-1341RAF 2000 GTX SEG-YROO 
PFA G/13-1342RAF 2000 GTX SEG-CBJE 
PFA G/13-1343RAF 2000 GTX SEG-YROJ 
PFA G/01A-1344Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-CBSV 
PFA G/01A-1345Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-CBNXG-CBNX Bensen B.8MR [PFA G/01A-1345] Popham 020509
PFA G/12-1346Magni M-16 Tandem TrainerG-CBUP 
PFA G/03-1347Campbell Cricket Mk.4G-CFCH 
-1348details not know
PFA G/12-1349Magni M-16 Tandem TrainerG-IJMC 
PFA G/01A-1350Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-CCXS 
PFA G/12-1351Magni M-16 Tandem TrainerG-YROW 
PFA G/13-1352RAF 2000 GTX SEG-JEJE 
-1353details not know
PFA G/01A-1354Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-FGSI 
PFA G/01A-1355Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-CDVJ 
PFA G/13-1356RAF 2000 GTX SEG-CCUH 
-1357details not know
PFA G/01A-1358Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-CDMK 
PFA G/13-1359RAF 2000 GTX SEG-PHLB 
PFA G/01-1360Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MRG-CDBE 
PFA G/08-1361Bensen-Parsons Two PlaceG-CDGT 
-1362details not know
PFA G/13-1363RAF 2000 GTX SEG-CDJN 
-1364details not know
-1365details not know
PFA G/19-1366Lovegrove SheffyG-CDFW 
PFA G/13-1367Rotary Air Force RAF-2000 GTX SEG-CGJW 
PFA G/01-1368Bensen B.8MRG-CGNN 
-1369details not know
LAA G/16-1370Campbell Cricket Mk.6A24UC 
LAA G/13-1371Rotary Air Force RAF-2000 GTX-SEG-IMEL 
LAA G/13-1372RAF 2000 GTX-SEG-CGEN 
1372 last number allocated in Gyro Series. Future Gyros were allocated due in the main series but to date there has been none.