Credit - Paul Rushton, Peter Olding and the The North Weald Marshalling team and all the staff in Jeff Bell's ATC team.
 RegistrationTypeCon numberFridaySaturdaySunday 
 2-MLBUPiper PA-46-350P4636110 Fri     2-MLBU Piper PA-46-350P [4636110] Sywell 030921
 2-ZOOMRockwell Commander 114B14635   Sat   2-ZOOM Rockwell  Commander 114B [14635] Sywell 040921
79-IIRaj Hamsa X-Air H Hawk1152   Sat   79-II Raj Hamsa X Air Hawk [1152] Sywell 040921
 D-ECUJReims-Cessna FRA.150L0184 Fri Sat Sun D-ECUJ Reims-Cessna FRA.150L [0184] Sywell 050921
 D-EMNNFocke-Wulf Fw.44J1904   Sat   D-EMNN Focke-Wulf Fw.44J [1904] Sywell 040921
 D-KROXGrob G.109B6221 Fri Sat Sun D-KROX Grob G.109B [6221] Sywell 050921
EI-AFZde Havilland Canada DHC-1 ChipmunkC1/0659 Fri Sat Sun EI-AFZ / WK642 de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk [C1 0659] Sywell 030921
 EI-BUFCessna 210N210-63070     Sun EI-BUF Cessna 210N [210-63070] Sywell 050921
 EI-GRVVan's RV-772782 Fri Sat   EI-GRV Van's RV-7 [72782] Sywell 030921
F-AZIMYakovlev Yak-119/04623 Fri Sat   F-AZIM Yakovlev Yak-11 [9-04623] Sywell 030921
 F-PREYTissot-Charbonnier TC-12010 Fri Sat Sun F-PREY Tissot-Charbonnier TC-120 [10] Sywell 040921
 G-ACUSde Havilland DH-85 Leopard Moth7082 Fri     G-ACUS de Havilland DH-85 [7082] Sywell 030921
 G-ADKLde Havilland DH.87B Hornet Moth8035 Fri Sat Sun G-ADKLde Havilland DH-87B [8035]  Sywell 050921
 G-ADURde Havilland DH.87B Hornet Moth8085 Fri     G-ADUR de Havilland DH-87B [8085] Sywell 030921
G-AEXDAeronca 100AB.124 Fri Sat Sun G-AEXD Aeronca 100 [AB.124] Sywell 050921
 G-AFWIde Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth82187 Fri Sat Sun G-AFWI de Havilland DH-82A [82187] Sywell 030921
 G-AFYOStinson HW-75 Model 105 Voyager7039 Fri     G-AFYO Stinson HW-75 [7039] Sywell 030921
 G-AFZLPorterfield CP-50581   Sat   G-AFZL Porterfield CP-60 [581] Sywell 040921
 G-AGMILuscombe 8A Master1569 Fri     G-AGMI Luscombe 8A [1569] Sywell 030921
 G-AGXNAuster J/1N Alpha1963   Sat   G-AGXN Auster J 1N [2188] Sywell 040921
 G-AHBMde Havilland DH-87B8126   Sat   G-AHBM de Havilland DH-87N [8126] Sywell 040921
 G-AHHTAuster J/1 Autocrat2022 Fri    
G-AIEKMiles M38 Messenger6339   Sat   G-AIEK / RG333 Miles M38 Messenger [6339] Sywell 040921
 G-AIGFAuster J/1N Alpha2188 Fri Sat Sun G-AIGF Auster J 1N [2188] Sywell 030921
G-AISXPiper L-4H Cub11663 Fri Sat   G-AISX Piper L-4H [11663] Sywell 030921
 G-AJAMAuster J/2 Arrow2371     Sun G-AJAM Auster J2 [2371] Sywell 050921
 G-AJWBMiles M.386339   Sat   G-AJWB Miles M.38 [6699] Sywell 040921
 G-AKINMiles M.386728 Fri Sat   G-AKIN Miles M.38 [6699] Sywell 050921
 G-AKIUPercival P.44Ae.129 Fri     G-AKIU Percival P.44 [Ae.19] Sywell 030921
 G-AKTILuscombe 8A Master4101 Fri Sat   G-AKTI Sywell 030921
 G-AMENPiper L-18C Super Cub 9518-1998 Fri Sat Sun G-AMEN Piper L-18C-95 [18-1998] Sywell 040921
 G-ANTEde Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth84891 Fri Sat Sun G-ANTE de Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth [84891] Sywell 050921
 G-APBODruine D.53PFA 229 Fri Sat   G-APBO Druine D.53 [PFA 229] Sywell 030921
 G-APBWAuster Alpha 5A3405   Sat   G-APBW Auster Alpha 5A [3405] Sywell 040921
 G-APIETipsy Belfair535 Fri     G-APIE Tipsy Belfair [535] Sywell 030921
G-APNTCurrie WotHAC/3 Fri Sat Sun G-APNT Currie Wot [HAC.3] Sywell 030921
 G-ARELPiper PA-22-150 Caribbean22-7284 Fri     G-AREL Piper PA-22-150 [22-7284] Sywell 030921
 G-AREXAeronca 15AC15AC-61 Fri     G-AREX Aeronca 15AC [15AC-61] Sywell 030921
 G-ARFDPiper PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer22-7565 Fri Sat   G-ARFD Piper PA-22-160 [22-7565] Sywell 030921
 G-ARNPBeagle A.109B.503 Fri     G-ARNP Beagle A.109 [B.503] Sywell 030921
 G-AROWSAN Jodel D.140B Mousquetaire II71 Fri Sat   G-AROW SAN Jodel D.140B [71] Sywell 030921
 G-ARUIBeagle A.61 Terrier 12529 Fri Sat   G-ARUI Beagle A.61 Terrier 1 [2529] Sywell 040921
 G-ARXTSAN Jodel DR.1050355 Fri     G-ARXT SAN Jodel DR.1050 [355] Sywell 030921
 G-ARYKCessna 172C172-49288 Fri Sat   G-ARYK Cessna 172C [172-49288] Sywell 030921
 G-ASMJReims-Cessna F.172E0029 Fri    
 G-ASNCBeagle D.5/1803678 Fri     G-ASNC Beagle D.5-180 [3678] Sywell 030921
 G-ASPSPiper J/3C-65 Cub22809 Fri   Sun G-ASPS Piper J3C-65 [22809] Sywell 030921
 G-ASRCRollason Condor D.62CRAE609   Sat Sun G-ASRC Rollason Condor D.62B [RAE625] Sywell 050921
 G-ASSSCessna 172E Skyhawk172-51467 Fri     G-ASSS Cessna 172E [172-51467] Sywell 030921
 G-ATDOBolkow Bo.208C Junior576     Sun G-ATDO Bolkow Bo.208C [576] Sywell 050921
 G-ATFDSAN Jodel DR.1050311 Fri     G-ATFD SAN Jodel DR.1050 [311] Sywell 030921
 G-ATHKAeronca 7AC7AC-971   Sat  
 G-ATJNJodel D.119863 Fri Sat Sun G-ATJN Jodel D.119 [863] Sywell 050921
 G-ATMCReims/Cessna F.150F0020 Fri Sat   G-ATMC Reims-Cessna F.150F [0020] Sywell 040921
 G-ATTRBolkow Bo.208C Junior612 Fri Sat Sun G-ATTR Bolkow Bo.208C [612] Sywell 030921
 G-ATWASAN Jodel DR.1050296   Sat   G-ATWA SAN Jodel DR.1050 [296] Sywell 040921
 G-ATXAPiper PA-22-150 Caribbean22-3730     Sun G-ATXA Piper PA-22-150 [22-3730] Sywell 050921
 G-ATXDPiper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B30-1166 Fri   Sun G-ATXD Piper PA-30-160 [30-1166] Sywell 030921
G-AVDFBeagle B121-100B001 Fri     G-AVDF Beagle B121-100 [B001] Sywell 050921
 G-AVEUWassmer WA.41136   Sat   G-AVEU Wassmer WA.41 [136] Sywell 040921
 G-AVGAPiper PA-24-260 Comanche B24-4489 Fri Sat   G-AVGA Piper PA-24-260 [24-4489] Sywell 030921
 G-AVGZC.E.A. Jodel DR.1050341   Sat   G-AVGZ SAN Jodel DR.1050 [341] Sywell 040921
 G-AVLBPiper PA-28-14028-23158 Fri     G-AVLB Piper PA-28-140 [28-23158] Sywell 030921
G-AVLNBeagle B121-150B004 Fri Sat Sun G-AVLN Beagle B.121-150 [B004] Sywell 030921
 G-AVMFReims/Cessna F.150GF150-0203 Fri     G-AVMF Reims-Cessna F.150G [0203] Sywell 030921
 G-AVNYSportavia-Putzer RF-4D4029 Fri     G-AVNY Sportavia-Putzer RF.4D [4029] Sywell 030921
 G-AVOZPiper PA-28-18028-3711   Sat   G-AVOZ Piper PA-28-180 [28-3711] Sywell 040921
 G-AVPJde Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth86326 Fri     G-AVPJ de Havilland DH-82A [86326] Sywell 030921
 G-AVRSSocata GY-80-180224   Sat   G-AVRS SOCATA GY-80-180 [224] Sywell 040921
 G-AVRWGarden GY.20 MinicabPFA 1800   Sat   G-AVRW Gardan JB-01 [PFA 1800] Sywell 040921
 G-AVRZPiper PA-28-180 Cherokee C28-4137   Sat   G-AVRZ Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee C [28-4137] Sywell 040921
 G-AVWYSportavia-Putzer RF-4D4031 Fri     G-AVWY Sportavia RF-4D [4031] Sywell 030921
 G-AVXWRollason Condor D.62BRAE625 Fri Sat Sun G-AVXW Rollason Condor D.62B [RAE625] Sywell 030921
 G-AWAZPiper PA-28R-18028R-30512     Sun G-AWAZ Piper PA-28R-180 [28R-30512] Sywell 050921
 G-AWEIRollason Condor D.62BRAE628 Fri Sat Sun G-AWEI Rollason Condor D.62B [RAE628] Sywell 030921
 G-AWEPGardan JB-01PFA 1801   Sat   G-AWEP Gardan JB-01 [PFA 1801] Sywell 040921
 G-AWLZSportavia-Putzer RF-4D4099 Fri     G-AWLZ Sportavia-Putzer RF-4D [4099] Sywell 030921
 G-AWSHZlin Z.5261052   Sat Sun G-AWSH Zlin Z.526 [1052] Sywell 040921 (2)
 G-AWUBGardan GY-201 MinicabA.205   Sat Sun G-AWUB Gardan GY-201 [A.205] Sywell 050921
 G-AWUUReims-Cessna F.150J0408   Sat   G-AWUU Reims-Cessna F.150J [0408] Sywell 040921
 G-AWVCBeagle B.121 Pup 100 B.121-026   Sat  
 G-AWVZJodel D.112898 Fri Sat   G-AWVZ Jodel D.112 [898] Sywell 030921
 G-AWWOSAN Jodel DR.1050552 Fri Sat Sun G-AWWO SAN Jodel DR.1050 [552] Sywell 040921
 G-AXDIReims/Cessna F.172H0574 Fri     G-AXDI Reims-Cessna F.172H [0574] Sywell 030921
 G-AXIABeagle B.121 Pup Srs 100B078   Sat   G-AXIA Beagle B.121-100 [B078] Sywell 040921
 G-AXNPBeagle B.121 Pup Srs 150B.121-106 Fri Sat Sun G-AXNP Beagle B.121 Pup Srs 150 [B.121-106] Sywell 040921
 G-AXNRBeagle B.121 Pup Srs 150B.121-108 Fri     G-AXNR Beagle B.121 Pup Srs 150 [B121-108] Sywell 030921
G-AXNWSNCAN Stampe SV.4C381 Fri Sat Sun
 G-AXOZBeagle B121-100B115   Sat   G-AXOZ Beagle B121-100 [B115] Sywell 040921
G-AXPGMignet HM360 FleaPFA 1333 Fri Sat Sun G-AXPG Mignet HM.293 [PFA 133] Sywell 050921
 G-AXSZPiper PA-28-140B Cherokee28-26188 Fri     G-AXSZ Piper PA-28-140B Cherokee [28-26188] Sywell 030921
 G-AYCKAIAA Stampe SV-4C1139 Fri Sat   G-AYCK AIAA Stampe SV-4C [1139] Sywell 040921
 G-AYDZCentre-Est DR.20001 Fri Sat   G-AYDZ Centre-Est DR.200 [01] Sywell 040921
 G-AYEJSAN Jodel DR.1050253 Fri    
 G-AYGGWassmer Jodel D.120184 Fri Sat Sun G-AYGG Wassmer Jodel DR.1050 [552] Sywell 050921
 G-AYSHTaylor JT.1 MonoplanePFA 1413   Sat  
 G-AYUBJodel DR.253B   Sat   G-AYUB Centre-Est DR.253B [185] Sywell 040921
 G-AZOABolkow Bo.209 Monsun 150FF183   Sat   G-AZOA Bolkow Bo.209-150FF [183] Sywell 040921
 G-AZPCSlingsby T.61C1767   Sat   G-AZPC Slingsby T.61C [1767] Sywell 040921
 G-AZRABolkow Bo.209-150FF192     Sun G-AZRA Bolkow Bo.209-150FF [192] Sywell 050921
 G-AZRMSportavia RF-55111     Sun G-AZRM Sportavia RF-5 [5111] Sywell 050921
 G-AZTFReims-Cessna F.177RG0054     Sun G-AZTF Reims-Cessna F.177RG [0054] Sywell 050921
 G-BACESportavia RF-55102 Fri Sat   G-BACE Sportavia RF-5 [5102] Sywell 040921
 G-BAKJPiper PA-30-160 TwinCommanche B30-1232 Fri Sat Sun G-BAKJ Piper PA-30-160 [30-1232] Sywell 050921
 G-BAPJReims/Cessna FRA150L Aerobat0196 Fri    
 G-BBMHEAA Biplane Model P1PFA 1348     Sun G-BBMH EAA Biplane Model P1 [PFA 1348] Sywell 050921
 G-BBNDde Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22C1/0225   Sat  
G-BCBLFairchild UC-61K989 Fri Sat Sun G-BCBL Fairchild UC-61K [989] Sywell 030921
 G-BCCXde Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22C1/0531   Sat   G-BCCX de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 [C1 0531] Sywell 040921
 G-BCEEAmerican Aviation AA-5 TravelerAA5-0571   Sat   G-BCEE American Aviation AA-5 Traveler [AA5A-0571] Sywell 040921
 G-BCTISchleicher ASK-1616029   Sat   G-BCTI Schleicher ASK-16 [16029] Sywell 040921
 G-BCVFPractavia Sprite 115PFA 1362 Fri Sat Sun G-BCVF Practavia Pilot Sprite 115 [PFA 1362] Sywell 050921
 G-BCWHPractavia Pilot Sprite115PFA 1366     Sun G-BCWH Practavia Pilot Sprite 115 [PFA 1366] Sywell 050921
 G-BCWKFournier RF-324   Sat   G-BCWK Fornier RF-3 [24] Sywell 040921
 G-BDADTaylor JT.1 MonoplanePFA 1453   Sat   G-BDAD Taylor JT.1 Monoplane [PFA 1453] Sywell 040921
 G-BDAGTaylor JT.1 MonoplanePFA 1430   Sat   G-BDAG Taylor Monoplane [PFA 1430] Sywell 040921
 G-BDFBPhoenix Currie WotPFA 3008 Fri Sat   G-BDFB Phoenix Currie Wot [PFA 3008] Sywell 030921
 G-BDFRFuji FA-200-160 Aero Subaru262 Fri     G-BDFR Fuji FA-200-160 [262] Sywell 030921
 G-BDGBGardan JB-01 Minicab PFA 1819   Sat   G-BDGB Gardan JB-01 Minican [PFA 1819] Sywell 040921
 G-BDKHMenavia Piel CP.301A Emeraude241 Fri Sat Sun G-BDKH Menavia CP.301A [241] Sywell 040921
 G-BDLTRockwell Commander 112A363   Sat Sun G-BDLT Rockwell Commander 112A [363] Sywell 040921
 G-BEAHAuster J/22366   Sat   G-BEAH Auster J2 [2366] Sywell 040921
 G-BECTCASA 1.131E Jungmann2074 Fri Sat   G-BECT / A-57 CASA 1.131E [2074] Sywell 040921
 G-BEMBReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawk II1487   Sat   G-BEMB Reims-Cessna F.172M Skyhawk II [1487] Sywell 040921
 G-BEUPRobin DR.400/1801228   Sat   G-BEUP Robin DR.400 180 [1228] Sywell 040921
 G-BEUUPiper PA-18-951551   Sat  
 G-BEZZJodel D.112397     Sun G-BEZZ Jodel D.112 [397]Sywell 050921
 G-BFHRC.E.A. Jodel DR.220 2+230   Sat  
 G-BFNGJodel D.1121321 Fri Sat   G-BFNG Jodel D.112 [1321] Sywell 040921
 G-BFZDReims-Cessna FR.182 Skylane RG II0010   Sat   G-BFZD Reims-Cessna FR.182 Skylane RG II [0010] Sywell 040921
 G-BGBEJodel DR.1050 Ambassadeur260 Fri   Sun G-BGBE SAN Jodel DR.1050 [260] Sywell 030921
 G-BGMRGardan JB-01PFA 056-10153 Fri     G-BGMR Gardan JB-01 [PFA 056-10153] Sywell 030921
G-BGORNorth American AT-6D88-14880 Fri Sat Sun
G-BGPIPlumb BGP.1PFA 083-10359 Fri Sat Sun G-BGPI Plumb BGP.1 [PFA 083-10359] Sywell 050921
 G-BHLERobin DR.400/1801466 Fri     G-BHLE Robin DR.400-180 [1466] Sywell 030921
 G-BHLXAmerican Aviation AA-5B Tiger0573   Sat   G-BHLX American Aviation AA-5B Tiger [0573] Sywell 040921
 G-BHNOPiper PA-28-18128-8090211     Sun
 G-BHSBCessna 172N Skyhawk172-72977 Fri     G-BHSB Cessna 172N Skyhawk [172-72977] Sywell 030921
 G-BHVFJodel D.150A11   Sat   G-BHVF Jodel D.150A [11] Sywell 040921
 G-BHXBScottish Aviation SA.120 1210408   Sat   G-BHXB Scottish Aviation SA.120-1210 [408] Sywell 040921
 G-BHZEPiper PA-28-18128-7890291 Fri Sat Sun G-BHZE Piper PA-28-181 [28-7890291] Sywell 050921
 G-BHZKAmerican Aviation AA-5B Tiger0743     Sun G-BHZK American Aviation AA-5B [0743] Sywell 050921
 G-BHZVWassmer Jodel D.120A278     Sun G-BHZV Wassmer Jodel D.120A [278] Sywell 050921
 G-BIAPPiper PA-1616-732 Fri Sat Sun G-BIAP Piper PA-16 [16-732] Sywell 030921
 G-BIJUMenavia CP.301A221   Sat   G-BIJU Menavia CP.301A [221] Sywell 040921
 G-BIYWJodel D.1121209   Sat   G-BIYW Jodel D.112 [1209] Sywell 040921
G-BJAPde Havilland DH.82A Tiger MothPFA 157-12897     Sun G-BJAP / K2587 de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth [PFA 157-12897] Sywell 050921
 G-BJBWPiper PA-28-16128-8116280   Sat   G-BJBW Piper PA-28-161 [28-8116280] Sywell 040921
 G-BJOTJodel D.117688 Fri Sat Sun
G-BJTPPiper PA-18-9518-999 Fri Sat   G-BJTP / M.M. 51-15302 Piper L-18-C95 [18-999] Sywell 030921
 G-BJWZPiper L-18C Super Cub 9518-1361   Sat Sun G-BJWZ Piper L-18C Super Cub 95 [18-1361] Sywell 050921
 G-BJXZCessna 172N172-73039 Fri Sat Sun G-BJXZ Cessna 172N [172-73039] Sywell 050921
 G-BJYKWassmer Jodel D.120A185 Fri     G-BJYK Wassmer Jodel D.120A [185] Sywell 030921
 G-BKAOJodel D.112249   Sat   G-BKAO Jodel D.112 [249] Sywell 040921
 G-BKCVEAA Acro-Sport IIPFA 072A-10776 Fri Sat   G-BKCV EAA Acro-Sport II [PFA 072A-10776] Sywell 030921
 G-BLAFStolp SA.900PFA 106-10651   Sat   G-BLAF Stolp SA.900 [PFA 106-10651] Sywell 040921
 G-BLMNRutan Long-EZPFA 074A-10643   Sat   G-BLMN Rutan Long-Ez [PFA 074A-10643] Sywell 040921
 G-BLMWTipsy T.66 Nipper IIIBPFA 025-11020   Sat  
 G-BLRLScintex Emeraude552   Sat  
G-BLUZde Havilland DH-82B Tiger Moth1435   Sat Sun G-BLUZ de Havilland DH-82B Tiger Moth Sywell 050921
 G-BLXHFournier RF- 3 39 Fri     G-BLXH Fornier RF-3 [39] Sywell 030921
 G-BLXOSAN Jodel D.15010 Fri Sat   G-BLXO SAN Jodel D.150 [10] Sywell 030921
 G-BMAOTaylor JT-1 MonoplanePFA 1411   Sat   G-BMAO Taylor JT-1 Monoplane [PFA 1411] Sywell 040921
G-BMHSReims/Cessna F172M0964 Fri Sat Sun
 G-BMIDWassmer Jodel D.120259 Fri Sat   G-BMID Wassmer Jodel D.120 [259] Sywell 030921
 G-BMMKCessna 182P182-64117 Fri     G-BMMK Cessna 182P [182-64117] Sywell 030921
 G-BMSAStinson HW-75 Voyager7040 Fri   Sun G-BMSA Stinson HW-75 Voyager [7040] Sywell 050921
 G-BMWFARV Aviation ARV 1 Super 2013 Fri Sat   G-BMWF ARV 1 Super 2 [013] Sywell 030921
 G-BNONPiper PA-28-1612816025 Fri Sat Sun G-BNON Piper PA-28-161 [2816025] Sywell 030921
 G-BOKAPiper PA-28-201T Turbo Dakota28-7921076 Fri     G-BOKA Piper PA-28-201T Turbo Dakota [28-7921076] Sywell 030921
 G-BOPDBede BD-4632 Fri Sat   G-BOPD Bede BD-4 [632] Sywell 040921
 G-BPAJde Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth83472 Fri Sat Sun G-BPAJ de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth [83472] Sywell 030921
 G-BPIZAmerican Aviation AA-5B Tiger1154 Fri     G-BPIZ American Aviation AA-5B Tiger [1154] Sywell 030921
 G-BPPFPiper PA-38-112 Tomahawk38-79A0578 Fri     G-BPPF Piper PA-38-112 Tomohawk [38-79A0578] Sywell 030921
 G-BPUAEAA BiplaneSAAC-01 Fri     G-BPUA EAA Biplane [SAAC-01] Sywell 030921
 G-BPVZLuscombe 8E Silvaire5565     Sun
 G-BPWSCessna 172P172-74306 Fri Sat Sun G-BPWS Cssna 172P [172-74306] Sywell 050921
 G-BRBKRobin DR.400-1801915   Sat Sun G-BRBK Robin DR.400-180 [1915] Sywell 050921
 G-BRBVPiper J/4A Cub Coupe4-1080 Fri Sat Sun G-BRBV Piper J.4A Cub Coupe [4-1080] Sywell 030921
 G-BRGWGaedan JB-01PFA 1823 Fri Sat Sun G-BRGW Gardan JB-01 [PFA 1823] Sywell 040921
 G-BRNTRobin DR.400-1801935 Fri     G-BRNT Robsin DR.400-180 [1935] Sywell 030921
 G-BROOLuscombe 8E Silvaire6154 Fri Sat Sun G-BROO Luscombe 8E Silvaire [6154] Sywell 030921
 G-BRPYPiper PA-15 Vagabond15-141   Sat   G-BRPY Piper PA-15 Vagabond [15-141] Sywell 040921
 G-BRRPPitts S-1S Special7-0332 Fri Sat   G-BRRP Pitts S-1S Special [7-0332] Sywell 030921
 G-BRSWLuscombe 8A Master3249   Sat   G-BRSW Luscombe 8A Master [3249] Sywell 040921
 G-BRVLPitts S-1C Special559-H Fri     G-BRVL Pitts S-1C Special [559-H] Sywell 030921
 G-BRWRAeronca 11AC Chief11AC-1319     Sun G-BRWR Aeronca 11AC Chief [11AC-1319] Sywell 050921
 G-BSEYBeech A36E-1873   Sat   G-BSEY Beech A36 [E-1873] Sywell 040921
G-BSFDPiper J/3C-65 Cub16037 Fri Sat   G-BSFD Piper J.3C-65 Cub [16037] Sywell 030921
 G-BSUDLuscombe 8A Master1745 Fri     G-BSUD Luscombe 8A Master [1745] Sywell 030921
 G-BSVEBinder CP.301S113 Fri     G-BSVE Blinder CP.301S [113] Sywell 030921
 G-BSYFLuscombe 8A Master3455   Sat Sun G-BSYF Luscombe 8A Master [3455] Sywell 040921
 G-BTCHLuscombe 8E Silvaire6403 Fri Sat Sun G-BTCH Luscombe 8E Silvaire [6403] Sywell 050921
 G-BTWCSlingsby T.61 F Falke Venture T.31975   Sat  
 G-BUDSRand-Robinson KR-2PFA 129-10937 Fri Sat   G-BUDS Rand-Robinson KR-2 [PFA 129-10937] Sywell 040921
 G-BUECVan's RV-6PFA 181C-11884 Fri Sat   G-BUEC Vans RV-6 [PFA 181C-11884] Sywell 030921
 G-BUFGSlingsby T.61F Venture T21977 Fri     G-BUFG Slingsby T.61F Venture T2 [1977] Sywell 030921
 G-BUIHSlingsby T.61 F Falke Venture T.31876 Fri     G-BUIH Slingsby T.61F Falke Venture T.3 [1876] Sywell 030921
 G-BUJBSlingsby T.61F1975   Sat   G-BUJB Slingsby T.61F [1975] Sywell 040921
 G-BUJECessna 177B Cardinal17701920 Fri    
 G-BUJOPiper PA-28-16128-7716077 Fri     G-BUJO Piper PA-28-161 [28-7716077] Sywell 030921
 G-BUKOCessna 12013089 Fri     G-BUKO Cessna 120 [13089] Sywell 030921
 G-BULCLight Aero Avid Flyer Mk.IVPFA 189-12202 Fri     G-BULC Light Aewro Avid Flyer Mk.IV [PFA 189-12202] Sywell 030921
 G-BULGVan's RV-4JRV4-1   Sat   G-BULG Vans RV-4 [JRV4-1] Sywell 040921
 G-BVCLRans S.6PFA 204A-12551   Sat   G-BVCL Rans S.6 [PFA 204A-12551] Sywell 040921
 G-BVCSAeronca 7AC7AC-1346 Fri     G-BVCS Aeronca 7AC [7AC-1346] Sywell 030921
 G-BVDCVan's RV-3PFA 099-12218   Sat   G-BVDC Vans RV-3 [PFA 099-12218] Sywell 040921
 G-BVEYDenney KitfoxPFA 172A-12527 Fri Sat   G-BVEY Denney Kitfox [PFA 172A-12527] Sywell 030921
 G-BVIWPiper PA-18-150 18-8277   Sat  
 G-BVIZEuropa Aviation EuropaPFA 247-12601 Fri   Sun G-BVIZ Europa [PFA 247-12601] Sywell 030921
 G-BVUZCessna 12011334 Fri Sat   G-BVUZ Cessna 120 [11334] Sywell 030921
 G-BVVHEuropa Aviation EuropaPFA 247-12505 Fri     G-BVVH Europa [PFA 247-12505] Sywell 030921
 G-BVVOYakovlev Yak-50853007 Fri    
 G-BWCTTipsy Nipper T.66 Srs.111 Fri Sat Sun
 G-BWMBJodel D.11977-1492 Fri    
 G-BWMXde Havilland Canada DHC-1 ChipmunkC1/0481 Fri    
 G-BWRCAvid HaulerPFA 189-12979     Sun
 G-BWUNde Havilland Canada DHC-1C1/0253 Fri    
 G-BWWAUltravia Aero Pelican Club GSPFA 165-12242 Fri Sat  
 G-BXCASisler SF-2APFA 182-12921   Sat  
 G-BXDUAero Designs PulsarPFA 202-11991   Sat  
 G-BXEXPiper PA-28-18128-7790463 Fri    
G-BXGMde Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22C1/0806   Sat  
G-BXIAde Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22C1/0056 Fri Sat  
 G-BXIIEuropa Aviation EuropaPFA 247-12812 Fri    
 G-BXLKEuropa Aviation EuropaPFA 247-12613   Sat  
 G-BXRBMudry CAP-10B100 Fri    
 G-BXSPGrob G.109B6335   Sat  
 G-BXZBNanchang CJ-6A2632019   Sat  
 G-BYAVTaylor JT.1 MonoplanePFA 055-11010 Fri    
 G-BYIKEuropaPFA 247-12771   Sat  
 G-BYJDJabiru Aircraft Jabiru ULPFA 274-13376   Sat  
 G-BYLSBede BD-4PFA 037-11288 Fri Sat  
 G-BYZYPietenpol Air CamperPFA 047-12190 Fri    
 G-BZAPJabiru Aircraft JabiruPFA 274A-13479   Sat  
 G-BZEZCFM Streak Shadow 90PFA 206-13503 Fri Sat  
 G-BZHGTecnam P.92 EchoPFA 318-13606     Sun
 G-BZRVVan's RV-6PFA 181A-13573 Fri Sat Sun
 G-BZWJCFM Streak ShadowPFA 206-13553 Fri Sat Sun
 G-BZWZVan's RV-6PFA 181A-13419   Sat  
 G-BZXBVan's RV-6PFA 181A-13573 Fri    
G-BZXZScottish Aviation Bulldog294 Fri Sat Sun
 G-CBASRans S-6-ES Coyote IIPFA 204-13688 Fri Sat Sun
 G-CBCLStoddard-Hamilton GlaStarPFA 295-13089   Sat  
 G-CBEFScottish Aviation SA.120 T.1286   Sat  
 G-CBKYJabiru Aircraft Jabiru SKPFA 274B-13764     Sun
 G-CBLAAero Designs Pulsar 912-XP367 Fri    
 G-CBLBTecnam P.92 EchoPFA 318-13770 Fri Sat Sun
 G-CBLYGrob G.109B6403   Sat  
 G-CBMZEvektor EV-97 Eurostar2001-1136   Sat  
 G-CBNLDyn'Aero MCR-01PFA 301A-13805 Fri    
 G-CBUZSolar Wings Pegasus7907 Fri Sat  
 G-CBYHAeroprakt A.22 FoxbatPFA 317-13902   Sat  
 G-CCCEAeroprakt A.22 FoxbatPFA 317-14002 Fri Sat  
 G-CCCJNicollier HN.700PFA 217-13707 Fri Sat Sun
 G-CCDXEvektor EV-97 EurostarPFA 315-14013 Fri    
 G-CCEFEuropaPFA 247-13038 Fri Sat  
 G-CCIRVan's RV-8PFA 303-13732 Fri Sat  
 G-CCJIVan's RV-6PFA 181A-13572 Fri    
 G-CCLUBest Off SkyRanger 912(2)BMAA/HB/316   Sat  
 G-CCNJBest Off SkyrangerBMAA/HB/330   Sat  
 G-CCORSequoia F.8LPFA 100-10588   Sat  
 G-CCOVEuropa Aviation Europa XSPFA 247-13998 Fri   Sun
 G-CCPESteen SkyboltPFA 064-12830 Fri    
 G-CCPNDyn'Aero MCR-01PFA 301A-14133 Fri    
 G-CCRKLuscombe 8A Master3186 Fri Sat  
 G-CCTGVan's RV-3PFA 099-10518 Fri Sat Sun
 G-CCULEuropa Aviation Europa XSPFA 247-13119 Fri    
 G-CCVIZenair CH.701PFA 187-14181 Fri Sat Sun
 G-CCVMVan's RV-7APFA 323-14213     Sun
 G-CCZDVan's RV-7PFA 323-14087 Fri    
 G-CDAZEvektor EV-97 EurostarPFA 315-14268 Fri    
 G-CDBYDyn'Aero MCR-01PFA 301B-14269 Fri Sat  
 G-CDCTEvektor EV-97 Eurostar2004-2117 Fri Sat  
 G-CDEXEuropa Aviation EuropaPFA 247-12507     Sun
 G-CDGPZenair CH.601PFA 162B-14313   Sat  
 G-CDIJBest Off SkyrangerBMAA/HB/445 Fri    
 G-CDJKComco Ikarus C-420504-6666   Sat  
 G-CDKIBest Off SkyrangerBMAA/HB/434   Sat  
 G-CDRUCASA 1.131E Jungmann2321 Fri    
 G-CDRVVan's RV-9APFA 320-14186   Sat  
 G-CDTAEvektor EV-97 Eurostar2005-2509 Fri    
 G-CDTUEvektor EV-97 Eurostar2005-2522 Fri    
 G-CDYYAlpi Aviation Pioneer 300PFA 330-14323 Fri    
 G-CEBPEvektor EV-97 Eurostar2006-2825   Sat  
 G-CECVVan's RV-7PFA 323-14338 Fri Sat Sun
 G-CECYEvektor EV-97 EurostarPFA 315-14551 Fri Sat Sun
 G-CECZZenair CH.601PFA 162B-14458 Fri    
 G-CEDIBest Off SkyrangerBMAA/HB/513   Sat  
 G-CEFKEvektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar2823     Sun
 G-CEIDVan's RV-7PFA 323-14403 Fri Sat  
 G-CEIGVan's RV-7PFA 323-14402 Fri    
 G-CEILReality Escapade 912(2)BMAA/HB/506 Fri Sat  
 G-CEIWEuropa Aviation EuropaPFA 247-12707 Fri Sat Sun
 G-CEKVEuropa Aviation EuropaPFA 247-12493 Fri    
 G-CEOCTecnam P.2002 SierraPFA 333-14604   Sat  
 G-CEOPAeroprakt A.22LPFA 317A-14671 Fri    
 G-CEOWEuropa Aviation Europa XSPFA 247-13877 Fri    
 G-CESAJodel DR.1050PFA 304-13753   Sat  
 G-CESIAeroprakt A-22 L FoxbatPFA 317A-14643   Sat  
 G-CESZCzech Aircraft Works SportCruiser PFA 338-14652 Fri Sat  
 G-CEVCVan's RV-42726 Fri    
 G-CEVSEvektor EV-97 Eurostar2007-3102 Fri Sat  
 G-CEWTFlight Design CTSW07-10-10   Sat  
 G-CEYMVan's RV-6PFA 181A-14595 Fri Sat Sun
 G-CEZSZenair CH.601PFA 162-14030 Fri    
 G-CFDIVan's RV-623116 Fri    
 G-CFDNBest Off SkyRanger Swift 912S(1)BMAA/HB/564     Sun
 G-CFEZCzech Aircraft Works SportCruiserPFA 338-14675 Fri    
 G-CFFEEvektor EV-972008-3211   Sat  
 G-CFKBCzech Aircraft Works SportCruiserLAA 338-14766   Sat  
 G-CFMPEuropa Aviation Europa XSPFA 247-13505     Sun
 G-CFTZEvektor EV-972007-3202 Fri    
 G-CFUZCzech Aircraft Works SportCruiserPFA 338-14650   Sat  
 G-CFVKBest Off SkyrangerBMAA/HB/497     Sun
 G-CGCHCzech Aircraft Works SportCruiserPFA 338-14650 Fri Sat  
 G-CGJSCzech Aircraft Works SportCruiserLAA 338-14962 Fri Sat  
 G-CGLFMagni M-16C16-09-5614   Sat  
 G-CGLJTL Ultralight TL-2000LAA 347-14794   Sat  
 G-CGLZTL Ultralight TL-2000LAA 347-14910 Fri Sat  
 G-CGNOP & M Aviation Quik GT4508522 Fri    
 G-CGPOTL Ultralight TL-2000LAA 347-14896 Fri Sat Sun
 G-CGSOP & M Aviation Quik8540 Fri    
 G-CGVJEuropa Aviation Europa XSPFA 247-13752 Fri    
 G-CGWRSNCAN NC.856A54 Fri    
 G-CHAHEuropa Aviation Europa XSPFA 247-12949 Fri Sat  
 G-CHFZBest Off Skyranger Nynja 912S(1)BMAA/HB/618   Sat  
 G-CHIPPiper PA-28-18128-8290095 Fri    
 G-CHOUEvektor EV-97 Eurostar4102 Fri Sat  
 G-CHRENicollier HN.700PFA 217-13867 Fri    
 G-CHVYComco Ikarus C42 FB80 Bravo1304-7246   Sat  
 G-CHYYSchempp-Hirth Nimbus 3DT21   Sat  
 G-CIAFTL Ultralight TL-3000LAA 386-15211 Fri    
 G-CIBVBest Off SkyrangerBMAA/HB/640 Fri    
 G-CICAEuropa Aviation Europa XSPFA 247-13621   Sat Sun
 G-CICGComco Ikarus C421304-7259   Sat  
 G-CIDWEvektor EV-97 EurostarLAA 315-15227   Sat Sun
 G-CIDXSonex Home BuildLAA 337-15058   Sat  
 G-CIEWRotorSport UK CavalonRSUK/CVLN/011 Fri    
 G-CIGGComco Ikaris C-421304-7259   Sat  
G-CIGHMax Holste MH.1521M310 Fri Sat Sun
 G-CIINComco Ikarus C-421407-7344 Fri Sat  
 G-CILAAeropro EurofoxBMAA/HB/657 Fri    
 G-CILLBRM Aero NG-5 SpeedwingLAA 385-15219 Fri Sat  
 G-CIMDAlpi Aviation Pioneer 400LAA 364-15302 Fri    
 G-CIMTAutoGyro Europe CavalonRSUK/CVLN/015 Fri    
 G-CIMVNando Groppo TrailLAA 372-15154   Sat  
 G-CIRYEvektor EV-97 Eurostar2015-4222 Fri Sat  
 G-CISEAero Designs Pulsar XPPFA 202-12070 Fri Sat  
 G-CITDSportavia RF-55115     Sun
 G-CITFEvektor EV-97 Eurostar2015-4223 Fri    
 G-CIUMPiper PA-1212-1272 Fri    
 G-CIWGAeropro Eurofox 912LAA 376-15351 Fri    
 G-CJAPComco Ikarus C421003-7095 Fri    
 G-CJBUBRM Aero NG-5 SpeedwingLAA 385-15376 Fri Sat  
 G-CJMFBRM Aero NG-5 SpeedwingLAA 385-15413 Fri    
 G-CJNLJodel DR.1050MLAA 304-15103 Fri Sat Sun
 G-CJWWSupermarine Aircraft Spitfire Mk.26LAA 324-14063   Sat  
G-CKAAWhittaker MW.9001 Fri Sat Sun
 G-CKCFScintex CP.301C-1557 Fri    
 G-CKGJNicollier HN.700LAA 217-15369 Fri    
 G-CKTDColomban MC-30 LucioleLAA 371-15021   Sat  
 G-CKTXVan's RV-7LAA 323-14871 Fri Sat  
 G-CKZHVan's RV-12120921 Fri Sat  
 G-CKZXStoddard-Hamilton GlaStar MAX-45374 Fri    
 G-CLACPiper Cherokee28-8116241 Fri Sat  
 G-CLAOVan's RV-7LAA 323-15307 Fri    
 G-CLBYRobinson R4411711   Sat  
G-CLFATL Ultralight TL-2000UKLAA 347A-15613 Fri Sat Sun
 G-CLFGTL Ultralight TL-3000LAA 386-15610 Fri    
 G-CLGDAeroprakt A.32LAA 411-15607 Fri    
 G-CLKBCessna 172N172-69903     Sun
 G-CLLAAeropro EurofoxBMAA/HB/657 Fri    
 G-CLMCIsaacs SpitfireLAA 027-15453 Fri   Sun
 G-CLMLDenney KitfoxPFA 172D-14391   Sat  
G-CLNOKitplanes for Africa SafariLAA 402-15657 Fri Sat Sun
 G-CLNPStolp SA.500LAA 292-15599 Fri Sat Sun
G-CLOUBest Off Skyranger297-1 Fri Sat Sun
G-CLOZKitplanes fro Africa Bush-Baby ExplorerLAA 417-15662 Fri Sat Sun
G-CLPNNieuport Nieuport 111491 Fri Sat Sun
 G-CLSEBest Off Skyranger16090219 Fri Sat  
 G-CLYJComco Ikaris C-422011-7620   Sat  
 G-CLZVAutoGyro Europe CavalonRSUK/CVLN/035   Sat  
 G-CMEWAerospool WT-9DY457/2012     Sun
 G-CMONVan's RV-7LAA 323-15276 Fri Sat  
G-CODAMcD-D Helicopter 369E0590E Fri Sat Sun
 G-CPCDCentre-Est DR.22181 Fri Sat  
 G-CRUICzech Aircraft Works SportCruiserPFA 338-14723 Fri    
 G-CVIIRihn DR.107PFA 264-14478 Fri    
 G-CXTEBRM Aero NG-5 SpeedwingLAA 385-15290   Sat  
 G-CYLLSequoia F.8LPFA 100-14572   Sat Sun
 G-DANDSOCATA TB-10 Tobago72 Fri    
 G-DAVMMudry CAP-10B278   Sat  
 G-DAZWZenith Zenair CH 750 STOL CruzerLAA 381A-15597   Sat  
G-DBNKEurocopter EC120B1673 Fri Sat Sun
 G-DCOEVan's RV-6PFA 181-13280     Sun
 G-DECODyn'Aero MCR-01PFA 301A-14246   Sat  
 G-DEEZDenney Kitfox931   Sat  
 G-DENSBinder CP.301S121 Fri    
 G-DGSCCzech Aircraft Works SportCruiserLAA 338-14979 Fri    
G-DIGZHughes 369D1111D Fri Sat Sun
G-DNWHHughes 369E0010E Fri Sat Sun
G-DOGIRobinson R222389 Fri Sat Sun
 G-DOTYVan's RV-7PFA 323-14387 Fri    
G-DOUZVan's RV-12LAA 363-15344 Fri Sat Sun
G-DRLAAgusta Westland AW-109SP22423 Fri Sat Sun
 G-DUDEVan's RV-8PFA 303-13246 Fri    
 G-DUVLReims-Cessna F.172N1723 Fri    
 G-DWCBChilton DW.1APFA 225-14454   Sat  
G-EASDAvro 504LE.5 Fri Sat Sun
 G-ECKBJust Aircraft Escapade 912(2)BMAA/HB/533 Fri    
 G-ECUBPiper PA-18-15018-6279   Sat  
 G-EEHASonex Home BuildLAA 337-15220 Fri    
 G-EFJDBolkow Bo.209-160RV126     Sun
 G-EFSDAeropro Eurofox 912LAA 376-15359 Fri    
 G-EFVSWassmer Pacific WA.51A22     Sun
 G-EGBSVan's RV-9APFA 320-14234 Fri    
G-EGCDCessna 172S172S-9330 Fri Sat Sun
 G-EGILChristen Eagle IIBOYD-0001   Sat  
 G-EGSRVan's RV-7ALAA 323-15093 Fri Sat  
 G-EHZTZlin Z.526F1317   Sat  
 G-ELUNRobin DR.400/180R1102 Fri    
 G-EMINEuropa Aviation EuropaPFA 247-12673 Fri Sat  
 G-ENHPEnstrom 480B5084 Fri    
 G-ENVVAeroprakt A.32LAA 411-15611 Fri Sat  
 G-EOIDAeroprakt A.22L FoxbatLAA 317A-14836   Sat  
 G-ERIWStaaken Flitzer Z-21PFA 223-13834   Sat  
 G-EROEAvro 504KOLA-002 Fri Sat Sun
 G-ERYNComco Ikarus C-421911-7582 Fri Sat  
G-EWBCJabiru Aircraft Jabiru SKPFA 274-13457 Fri Sat Sun
 G-EXXLZenair CH.601LAA 162B-14868 Fri    
 G-EYORVan's RV-6PFA 181A-13259 Fri    
 G-EZZYEvektor EV-97 EurostarPFA 315-14533 Fri Sat  
 G-FARRSAN Jodel D.15058   Sat  
 G-FELLEuropa Aviation EuropaPFA 247-13208   Sat  
 G-FELXCzech Aircraft Works SportCruiserPFA 338-14661 Fri    
 G-FOKSAeropro EurofoxLAA 376-15473 Fri    
 G-FOKZAeropro EurofoxLAA 376-15282 Fri Sat  
 G-FOXZDenney KitfoxPFA 172-11834 Fri    
 G-FRNKBest Off SkyrangerBMAA/HB/439   Sat  
 G-FSBWAeropro EurofoxBMAA/HB/678 Fri Sat  
 G-FTILRobin DR.400/1801825 Fri    
 G-FUUNSilence Aircraft TwisterLAA 329-15078   Sat  
 G-GATTRobinson R4410531   Sat  
 G-GAVVFlight Design CTSLE-18-12-51     Sun
 G-GCYCReims-Cessna F.182Q0157     Sun
 G-GDRVVan's RV-621367 Fri    
 G-GDSOAutoGyro Europe CavalonRSUK/CVLN/024     Sun
 G-GIWTEuropa Aviation Europa XSPFA 247-13623 Fri Sat Sun
 G-GLUCVan's RV-620153   Sat  
 G-GORVVan's RV-8LAA 303-14847     Sun
 G-GPAGVan's RV-6PFA 181A-13306     Sun
 G-GSCVComco Ikarus C-42PFA 322-13939     Sun
 G-GVSLEvektor EV-97 EurostarLAA 315B-15288 Fri    
 G-GYATGardan GY-80-180 Horizon136 Fri    
 G-HACEVan's RV-6A1951   Sat  
 G-HALCPiper PA-28R-20028R-7335042 Fri    
G-HARRRobinson R223514 Fri Sat Sun
 G-HDAEde Havilland Canada DHC-1 ChipmunkC1/0280 Fri    
 G-HECKRobinson R4411416   Sat  
 G-HELLSonex Home BuildLAA 337-15182     Sun
 G-HELNPiper L-21B 13518-3365   Sat  
 G-HFCFSOCATA TB-20957   Sat  
 G-HHDRCessna 182T182-82071 Fri    
 G-HIPESorrell SNS-7209 Fri Sat  
 G-HJSSAIA Stampe SV.4C1101 Fri Sat  
 G-HMPSCzech Aircraft Works SportCruiserLAA 338-14873 Fri    
 G-HOXNVan's RV-9PFA 320-14229     Sun
 G-HPWAVan's RV-880836     Sun
G-HUKAMcD-D Helicopter 369E0298E Fri Sat Sun
 G-HUMHVan's RV-9APFA 320-14357 Fri    
 G-IBBJRotorSport UK CavalonRSUK/CVLN/031     Sun
 G-IBENVan's RV-7PFA 323-13981 Fri    
 G-ICRVVan's RV-7LAA 323-15232   Sat  
 G-IDRSVan's RV-882228 Fri    
 G-IEJHSAN Jodel D.150A02 Fri    
 G-IGHTVan's RV-8PFA 303-14520   Sat Sun
G-IIACAeronca 11AC Chief11AC-169 Fri Sat Sun
 G-IIDDVan's RV-8LAA 303-15248   Sat  
 G-IIDYChristen S-2B Special5000   Sat  
 G-IIIMStolp SA.1004258549 Fri Sat Sun
 G-IIRVVan's RV-7ALAA 323-15074 Fri    
 G-IIRWVan's RV-880449 Fri    
 G-IKONVan's RV-4PFA 181-14474 Fri Sat  
 G-IKRKEuropa Aviation EuropaPFA 247-12903 Fri    
 G-IMABEuropa XSPFA 247-13632 Fri    
 G-IMCDVan's RV-7PFA 323-13965 Fri    
 G-IMNYJust Aircraft Escapade912-1BMAA/HB/358   Sat  
 G-INYSThe Light Aircraft Company Sherwood ScoutLAA 345-15538 Fri    
G-IOOIRobin DR.400-1601700 Fri Sat Sun
 G-IOSLVan's RV-990121   Sat  
 G-IPODEuropa Aviation Europa XSPFA 247-14007     Sun
 G-ISACIsaacs SpitfireLAA 027-15134 Fri Sat Sun
 G-IVEREuropa Aviation Europa XSPFA 247-13632 Fri Sat  
 G-IVORAeronca 11AC Chief11AC-1035   Sat Sun
 G-IZRVVan's RV-12LAA 363-15496 Fri    
 G-JAEEVan's RV-6APFA 181A-13571 Fri    
 G-JAMPPiper PA-28-15128-7515026   Sat  
 G-JANFBRM Aero NG-5 SpeedwingLAA 385-15333 Fri Sat  
 G-JBSPJabiru Aircraft Jabiru SKPFA 274B-13486 Fri Sat  
 G-JCIHVan's RV-7APFA 323-14365 Fri Sat  
 G-JDRDAlpi Aviation Pioneer 300LAA 330A-14953   Sat  
 G-JEDHRobin DR.400/1802343     Sun
 G-JHYSEuropa Aviation EuropaPFA 247-13307   Sat  
 G-JIMZVan's RV-42488 Fri    
 G-JKPFCessna 172S172S-8294 Fri    
 G-JLATEvektor EV-97 EurostarPFA 315-14068     Sun
 G-JPMAJabiru ULPFA 274A-13399   Sat  
 G-JUDDJabiru ULPFA 274A-13570   Sat  
 G-JUFSSOCATA TB-9 Tampico928   Sat  
 G-JUJUChilton DW.1APFA 225-12726   Sat  
 G-JVETAeropro EurofoxLAA 376-15286   Sat  
 G-KBOSFlight Design CTSW08-02-15   Sat  
 G-KENZRutan VariEzePFA 074-10960 Fri    
 G-KEVHJabiru ULPFA 274A-13607   Sat  
 G-KEVIJabiru J400PFA 325-14321 Fri   Sun
 G-KIMHRotorSport UK MTO SportRSUK/MTOS/034   Sat  
 G-KIMKPartenavia P.68B27   Sat  
 G-KIRBEuropa Europa XSPFA 247-13615   Sat  
 G-KKKKScottish Aviation Bulldog Srs 120/121BH120/199 Fri    
 G-KWAKScheibe SF-25C44581 Fri    
 G-LARKHelton Lark 959517 Fri    
 G-LASRStoddard-Hamilton Glasair IIPFA 149-11584 Fri    
 G-LDVOEuropa Aviation Europa XSPFA 247-13254   Sat  
 G-LHABAirplane Factory Sling 2LAA 399-15401   Sat  
 G-LNDABRM Aero NG-5 SpeedwingLAA 385-15575 Fri    
 G-LOCHPiper L-4J12687   Sat  
 G-LOUSEvektor EV-972016-4234 Fri    
G-LUCKReims-Cessna F.150M1238 Fri Sat Sun
 G-LUSKLuscombe 8A Master3795 Fri Sat  
 G-LWLWDiamond DA 40D-TDID4.052   Sat  
 G-MACCCub Crafters CCK-1865EXCCK-1865-1016 Fri Sat  
 G-MACIVan's RV-7LAA 323-14782 Fri    
 G-MGNIMagni M-16C16-17-0804 Fri    
 G-MHCMEnstrom F280FX2052   Sat  
 G-MHRVVan's RV-8LAA 303-15153 Fri Sat Sun
G-MIILExtra NGNG028 Fri Sat Sun
 G-MIRVVan's RV-8LAA 303-15153 Fri    
 G-MLSYBRM Aero NG-5LAA 385-15584 Fri    
 G-MLXPEuropa Aviation Europa XSPFA 247-12974 Fri    
 G-MUDYPiper L-21B-15029-5352 Fri Sat Sun
 G-MUJDVan's RV-12LAA 363-15145 Fri    
 G-MUKYVan's RV-8LAA 303-14998 Fri    
 G-MURGVan's RV-6PFA 181-12470 Fri Sat Sun
 G-MUSORutan Long-EZPFA 074A-10590   Sat  
 G-MWVFSolar Wings PegasusSW-WA-1525   Sat  
 G-MYBARans S.6PFA 204-12210 Fri    
 G-MYKZTEAM Mini-Max 91PFA 186-11841 Fri    
 G-MYUFMurphy Renegade Spirit UKPFA 188-12795   Sat  
 G-MZJIRans S.6PFA 204-13221 Fri Sat  
 G-MZJJMurphy MaverickPFA 259-13016 Fri    
 G-NEATEuropa Aviation EuropaPFA 247-12642   Sat  
 G-NFLYTecnam P.2002 Sierra PFA 333-14613   Sat Sun
 G-NFONVan's RV-8LAA 303-14921 Fri Sat  
 G-NGCCBRM Aero NG-5 SpeedwingLAA 385-15516 Fri   Sun
G-NGIIBRM Aero NG-5 SpeedwingLAA 385-15431 Fri Sat Sun
 G-NICXEuropa Aviation Europa XSLAA 247-15362   Sat  
 G-NILTEvektor EV-97 Eurostar2014-4202   Sat  
 G-NRFKVan's RV-8PFA 303-14135   Sat  
 G-NTPSBRM Aero NG-5 SpeedwingLAA 385-15243 Fri    
 G-OAHCBeech F33CCJ-133 Fri Sat  
 G-OBJTEuropa Aviation EuropaPFA 247-12623 Fri   Sun
 G-OBOFRemos GX361     Sun
 G-OBUZVan's RV-620410 Fri    
 G-OCDPFlight Design CT SW06-08-22     Sun
 G-OCMSEvektor EV-97 Eurostar2010-3718   Sat  
 G-OCTOVan's RV-880303 Fri    
 G-OIMCCessna 152152-85506   Sat  
 G-OKERVan's RV-7PFA 323-14233 Fri Sat Sun
 G-OMIKEuropa Aviation EuropaPFA 247-12991 Fri   Sun
 G-OMNIPiper PA-28R-20028R-7335130   Sat  
 G-OMRCVan's RV-10LAA 339-15032 Fri    
 G-OOPYCzech Aircraft Works PS-28 SportCruiserC0519   Sat  
 G-OORVVan's RV-624319 Fri    
 G-OPRCEuropa Aviation Europa XSPFA 247-13281     Sun
 G-OPSTCessna 182R182-67932   Sat  
 G-ORBTBRM Bristel NG5 Speed Wing383/2019     Sun
 G-ORRGRobin DR.400/1801216 Fri   Sun
G-OSHLRobinson R22 Beta1000 Fri Sat Sun
 G-OTALARV Aviation ARV 1 Super 2024 Fri Sat  
 G-OTAMCessna 172M172-64098     Sun
 G-OTECTecnam P.2002 Sierra EALAA 333-14950 Fri    
 G-OTOEAeronca 7AC Champion7AC-4621   Sat  
G-OTSIAirplane Factory Sling TSILAA 400A-15656 Fri Sat Sun
 G-OTTSComco Ikarus C421407-7346   Sat  
 G-OVEYVans RV-774741   Sat  
 G-OVIVAerostyle Breezer016LSA   Sat  
 G-OVLAComco Ikarus C42PFA 322-14028 Fri    
 G-OWRTCessna 182G Skylane18255077   Sat  
 G-OZIEJabiru J400PFA 325-14284   Sat Sun
 G-PATJComco Ikarus C421509-7421 Fri    
 G-PAXXPiper PA-2020-1107   Sat  
 G-PGSIRobin R.2160309     Sun
 G-PHVMVan's RV-8PFA 303-14609   Sat  
 G-PIIIPitts S-1D SpecialPFA 009-10156   Sat  
 G-PIPSVan's RV-4PFA 181-11836 Fri Sat Sun
G-PLJRPietenpol Air CamperPFA 047-13426 Fri Sat Sun
 G-PPLLVan's RV-7APFA 323-14240   Sat  
 G-PTFEBRM Aero NG-5 SpeedwingLAA 385-15245 Fri    
 G-PTRESOCATA TB-20 Trinidad762     Sun
 G-RARBCessna 172N172-72334 Fri    
 G-RATDVan's RV-8PFA 303-13839     Sun
 G-RATVPiper PA-28RT-201T28R-8431005   Sat  
G-RAVLHadley Page Jetstream 1208 Fri Sat Sun
G-RAYNAgusta Westland AW-109SP22401 Fri Sat Sun
 G-RAZZMaule MX-718011050C Fri    
 G-REAFJabiru J400PFA 325-14502   Sat  
 G-REDXExperimental Aviation BerkutPFA 252-12481   Sat  
 G-RESGDyn Aero MCR-01 ClubPFA 301A-13994     Sun
 G-RFADSportavia-Putzer RF-4D4115   Sat  
 G-RILAFlight Design CSTW06-08-11 Fri    
 G-RJAMSequoia F.8L FalcoPFA 100-11665   Sat  
 G-RJMCAeropro Eurofox 2K61321 Fri    
 G-RJWXEuropa Aviation Europa XSPFA 247-13197 Fri Sat Sun
 G-RKIDVan's RV-6A22586 Fri    
 G-RLMWTecnam P.2002 SierraPFA 333-14536 Fri Sat  
 G-RMMTEuropa Aviation Europa XSA260   Sat  
 G-RMRVVan's RV-7APFA 323-14434 Fri    
G-ROADRobinson R4411589 Fri Sat Sun
 G-RODCSteen Skybolt4568   Sat  
 G-RODJComco Ikarus C-420709-6912   Sat  
 G-ROKYNando Groppo TrailLAA 372-15131 Fri    
 G-ROTSCFM Streak ShadowPFA 161A-11603 Fri Sat Sun
 G-RTMYComco Ikarus C420502-6655     Sun
 G-RUVEVan's RV-8PFA 303-14716 Fri   Sun
 G-RVACVan's RV-7PFA 323-14445   Sat  
 G-RVALVan's RV-8PFA 303-13532   Sat  
 G-RVANVan's RV-6PFA 181-12657 Fri Sat Sun
 G-RVAWVan's RV-6PFA 181-13234 Fri    
 G-RVBJVan's RV-8APFA 303-15692 Fri Sat Sun
 G-RVCEVan's RV-6APFA 181-13372   Sat Sun
 G-RVDBVan's RV-7PFA 323-14526 Fri Sat  
 G-RVEIVan's RV-8LAA 303-14961 Fri    
 G-RVEMVan's RV-7APFA 323-13868   Sat  
 G-RVETVan's RV-6PFA 181-12852 Fri   Sun
 G-RVFTVan's RV-882253   Sat  
 G-RVGOVan's RV-10LAA 339-15063     Sun
 G-RVIAVan's RV-6APFA 181-12289 Fri    
 G-RVIWVan's RV-9PFA 320-13924 Fri Sat  
 G-RVIXVan's RV-9APFA 320-13779     Sun
 G-RVIZVan's RV-12LAA 363-15034 Fri Sat  
 G-RVJLVan's RV-620207 Fri Sat Sun
 G-RVJOVan's RV-9APFA 320-13778 Fri    
 G-RVJPVan's RV-9APFA 320-14364   Sat  
 G-RVJSVan's RV-882237 Fri Sat  
 G-RVJWVan's RV-4PFA 181-12987 Fri    
 G-RVLCVan's RV-9APFA 320-13780 Fri    
 G-RVSAVan's RV-6APFA 181-12574 Fri    
 G-RVSEVan's RV-623771   Sat Sun
 G-RVSGVan's RV-9APFA 320-14265 Fri    
 G-RVSHVan's RV-6APFA 181A-13026   Sat  
 G-RVSXVan's RV-6PFA 181-13090   Sat  
 G-RVTWVan's RV-12LAA 363-14960   Sat  
G-RVTXVan's RV-882517 Fri Sat Sun
 G-RVVIVan's RV-6PFA 181-12418   Sat  
 G-RVWJVan's RV-9ALAA 320-13779     Sun
 G-RWINRearwin Skyranger 1751522   Sat  
 G-SABAPiper PA-28R-201T28R-7703268 Fri    
 G-SACHStoddard-Hamilton GlaStarPFA 295-13088   Sat  
 G-SAHIFLS Sprint160SAH1-001   Sat  
 G-SCPICzech Aircraft Works SportCruiserLAA 338-14855   Sat  
 G-SDFMEvektor EV-97 EurostarPFA 315-13884 Fri Sat  
 G-SEDCFairchild F.24 W-46W46-342     Sun
G-SEKRShaw ISA 180 SeekerLAA 408-15535 Fri Sat Sun
 G-SHCKComco Ikarus C-421509-7426   Sat  
G-SHLSAgusta A-109E11789 Fri Sat Sun
 G-SJMWSpecek SD-1290 Fri    
 G-SKUAStoddard-Hamilton GlaStarPFA 295-13241 Fri    
 G-SLIVAirplane Factory Sling 4LAA 400-15445 Fri Sat  
 G-SLNGAirplane Factory Sling 4LAA 400-15477   Sat  
 G-SLNTFlight Design CTSW06-10-02     Sun
 G-SMKRAeropro EurofoxLAA 376-15504 Fri Sat  
 G-SMLZNando Groppo Trail Mk.2LAA 372-15327   Sat  
 G-SONXSonex Aircraft SonexLAA 337-14776   Sat  
G-SOOHMcD-D Helicopter 369E0356E Fri Sat Sun
 G-SSDISkycraft SD-1179   Sat  
 G-STDOBRM Aero NG-5 SpeedwingLAA 385-15314 Fri    
 G-STUUBRM Aero NG-5 SpeedwingLAA 385-15512     Sun
 G-STZZTL Ultralight TL-2000LAA 347-15003 Fri Sat  
 G-SUMOBest Off SkyrangerBMAA/HB/714 Fri    
 G-SUUKSukhoi Su-29N1001-001   Sat  
 G-SWCTFlight Design CTSW07-11-05 Fri    
G-SWELHughes 369-HS0328S Fri Sat Sun
 G-SYFWWAR FW.190PFA 081-10584   Sat  
G-SYLLPiper PA-31-35031-7952102 Fri Sat Sun
 G-TAFFBucker Jungmann 1-131E 1129   Sat  
 G-TALHPiper PA-28-181 Archer II28-7790208   Sat  
 G-TAZZRihn DR.107PFA 264-14038 Fri    
 G-TECCAeronca 7AC7AC-5269 Fri    
G-TEMTHawker Tempest Mk.II420 Fri Sat Sun
 G-TENNVan's RV-10LAA 339-15222   Sat  
 G-TESRTecnam P.2002 SierraPFA 333A-14758 Fri    
 G-TEZZCzech Aircraft Works SportCruiser LAA 338-14863     Sun
 G-THATRaj Hamsa X AirBMAA/HB/221     Sun
 G-THOTJabiru Aircraft Jabiru SKPFA 274-13159   Sat  
 G-TIDSSAN Jodel D.15044 Fri    
 G-TOMJFlight Design CT2K03-01-04-14 Fri    
 G-TOPKEuropa Aviation Europa XSPFA 247-14193 Fri   Sun
 G-TPPWVan's RV-7LAA 323-14966 Fri    
G-TROYNorth American T-28A174-545 Fri Sat Sun
 G-TSACTecnam P.2002 SierraPFA 333-14611 Fri Sat  
 G-TSGAPiper PA-28R-20128R-7737082   Sat  
 G-TYERRobin DR.500/200i0021 Fri    
 G-UCANTecnam P.2002 Sierra JF229 Fri    
 G-UKRVVan's RV-7ALAA 323-15304   Sat  
G-UMBYMcD-D Helicopters 369E0346E Fri Sat Sun
 G-USKYAviat HuskyA-1B2261 Fri Sat  
 G-VANSVan's RV-4355 Fri    
G-VIXYAeroprakt A.32LAA 411-15683 Fri Sat Sun
 G-VMOZVan's RV-8LAA 303-15029 Fri    
 G-VRRVVan's RV-12LAA 363-15322     Sun
 G-WINOAeropro EurofoxBMAA/HB/669 Fri    
 G-WIZZAgusta-Bell AB.206B8540 Fri   Sun
 G-WLGCPiper PA-28-1812843484     Sun
 G-XCRJVan's RV-9APFA 320-14333 Fri Sat Sun
 G-XENAPiper PA-28-16128-7716158   Sat  
 G-XFOXAeropro EurofoxLAA 376-15200 Fri    
 G-XIVAVan's RV-14LAA 393-15468 Fri    
 G-XSEAVan's RV-8PFA 303-14228     Sun
 G-XTAZVan's RV-773435   Sat  
 G-XWEBBest Off Skyranger BMAA/HB/443     Sun
 G-XXRVVan's RV-990645 Fri Sat  
 G-YETIEuropa Aviation EuropaPFA 247-12746 Fri Sat  
 G-YOTSYakovlev Yak-529010308     Sun
 G-YPSYAndreasson BA-4BPFA 038-10352   Sat  
 G-YROFMagni M-2222-13-8184 Fri    
GZ100Agusta Westland AW-109SP22347 Fri    
 G-ZAAPCzech Aircraft Works SportCruiserPFA 338-14663 Fri    
 G-ZENYZenair CH.601PFA 162-13668 Fri    
 G-ZGABBRM Aero NG-5 SpeedwingLAA 385-15392 Fri Sat Sun
 G-ZIZYTL Ultralight TL-2000LAA 347A-15201 Fri    
HA-HSGAerospatiale SA.342M3615     Sun
KF650Noorduyn Havard IIB14A-2351 Fri Sat Sun
 N1350JRockwell Commander 112B516     Sun
 N225RBCirrus Design SR-22T0010 Fri    
 N2943DPiper PA-28R T-201 Arrow IV28R-7918231   Sat Sun
 N3006ACessna 170B25650   Sat Sun
 N30VTBeech V35BD-9439   Sat  
N369EMcD-D Helicopters 369E0474E Fri Sat Sun
 N51AHPiper PA-32R-30132R-8413017   Sat  
 N5428CCessna 170A19462   Sat  
 N56643Maule M-5180C8086C Fri    
 N666GAAmerican Aviation AA-5B Tiger1136   Sat  
 N8225YCessna 177RG177RG-1247     Sun
 N8829PPiper PA-24-260 Comanche24-4285   Sat  
 N95GTCirrus Design SR-221758 Fri    
 OE-AMJDenney KitfoxS9810-0178 Fri Sat Sun
 OE-CCMNeico Lancair 390768 Fri Sat Sun
 OE-CTOBrandli BX-2 Cherry115   Sat  
 OY-CYZChristensen Opus30188-001/92 Fri Sat  
 OY-GDSEuropa Aviation Europa151 Fri    
 PH-VDKSonex Home Build0117 Fri Sat Sun
 SE-BFXErco 415-D Ercoupe4413 Fri    
unmarkedNH.700 MenestrelLAA 217-15205 Fri Sat Sun
WG419de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10C1/0493 Fri Sat Sun
WN904Hawker HunterF.2S4/U/2912 Fri Sat Sun
XD599de Havilland Vampire T.1115451 Fri Sat Sun