Hayley Mills Film Review

Sky West and Crooked


The Plot

Brydie White (Hayley Mills) is a mentally retarded young girl, who gets into trouble after she started burying animals in the church yard.

The Cast

Hayley MillsBrydie White
Ian McShaneRoibin
Annette CrosbieMrs. White
Laurence NaismithEdwin Dacres
Geoffrey BayldonRev. Phillip Moss
Pauline JamesonMrs. Moss
Norman BirdMr. Cheeseman
June EllisMrs. Cheeseman
Hamilton DyceBill Slim
Judith FurseMrs. Rigby
Anne BlakeMrs. Potts
Jack BlighFred Strong
Michael NightingaleDoctor
Wyn JonesMiller
Dafydd HavardSchoolmaster
Cyril ChamberlainHubberd
George SelwayPolice Sergeant
Fred FerrisPolice Constable
Grace ArnoldVillage Woman
Margaret LaceyVillage Woman
Kay LyellVillage Woman
Rachel ThomasGrandmam
Gerald LawsonJabal Jones
Jacqueline PearceCammellia
Alan LakeCamlo
Irene BradshawRachel
Talfryn ThomasBrand
Hira TalfreyBlossom
Richard DaviesRick
Len JonesDusty
Roland StarlingHarry
Jessica HobbsCathy
Susan ChathamSuzie
Robin CreweChalky
Lola PayneBiddie
Nicola StreetNell
Stephen SaltJakey
Joyce MayheadEmm
Anne SomersetGirl in Church
Charles WoodBoy in Church
Catriona StreetGypsy Girl
Mandy WoollenBrydie as a Child
Andrew WicksJulian Dacres

My comments

Rating 7/10

Quite a deep film. Took a while to get going, during which you do question the welsh accent is trying to do. But once going its a quite simple but enjoyable story.


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