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The Trouble With Angels


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The Plot

Mary Clancy (Hayley Mills) and Rachel Devery (June Harding) are two new girls at the St. Francis Acadamy. A boarding school run by nuns. Their bad behavior always occurs the wroth of the Reverend Mother (Rosalind Russel).

The Cast

Mary ClancyHayley Mills
Rachel DeveryJune Harding
Reverand MotherRosalind Russel
Sister CelestineBinnie Barnes
Mrs PhippsGypsy Rose Lee
Sister ConstanceCamila Spray
Sister ClorissaMary Wickes
Sister LicuoriMarge Redmond
Sister Rose-MarieDolores Sutton
Sister ElizabethPortia Nelson
Sister UrsuleMarjorie Eaton
Sister MargaretBarbara Bell Wright
Sister PrudenceJudith Lowrey
Marvel-AnnBarbara Hunter
ValarieBernedette Withers
CharlotteVicky Albright
SheilaPatty Gerraty
KateVicki Draves
SandyWendy Winkelman
Ginnie-LouJewell Jaffe
PrisillaGail Liddle
GladysBetty Jane Royale
HelenRonnie Troup
BrigetteCatherine Wyles
-Jim Polps
Uncle GeorgeKent Smith
Mr DeveryPat McCaffine
Mr CrisonHarry Harver snr
Mrs EldridgeMary Young

My comments

Rating 9/10

A very good film. The Mary and Rachel's bad behavior is not too shocking, unless your are a Reverend Mother I suppose. but it the Reverend Mothers reaction (excellant acted by Rosalind Russel) one of the things that make this film. Another are the final two sceens. Well worth watching.

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Hayley Mills in The Trouble With Angels Hayley Mills in The Trouble With Angels with June Harding Hayley Mills in The Trouble With Angels