The Light Aircraft Association (previously called the Popular Aircraft Association) is the representative body in the United Kingdom for amateur aircraft construction, recreational flying and sport flying. It oversees the construction and maintenance of homebuilt aircraft. I am proud to be a member of this fine organisation, however I know that I would never have the skill or patience to build my own aircraft. So this site contains my photos of PFA/LAA aircraft and is dedicated to the members of the LAA who have built or are currently building aircraft. Their skill is something I admire.

This is very much work in progress. Data and images will be added as and when time allows.
 Up to PFA 999 
 PFA xxx-10000 to PFA xxx-10500 
 PFA xxx-10501 to PFA xxx-11000 
 PFA xxx-11001 to PFA xxx-11500 
 PFA xxx-11501 to PFA xxx-12000 
 PFA xxx-12001 to PFA xxx-12500 
 PFA xxx-12501 to PFA xxx-13000 
 PFA xxx-13001 to PFA xxx-13500 
 PFA xxx-13501 to PFA xxx-14000 
 PFA xxx-14001 to PFA xxx-14500 
 PFA xxx-14501 to LAA xxx-15000 
 LAA xxx-15001 to LAA xxx-15500 
 LAA xxx-15501 to LAA xxx-16000