The Original Hayley Mills site was set up by Robin White back in 1996. In 2009 Robin lost the hosting of it when Yahoo ceased the Geocities accounts. Robin has kindly let me reproduce that ground breaking site on my own site. Whilst it is not being updated it still has wealth of information and photographs and I'm proud to reproduce it here.

The Original Hayley Mills Page

Created by Robin White

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Hayley Mills - Nothing but the best

Site News

Biography - The '411' on Hayley's life and career, including what she's up to now.

Pictures - The Hayley Mills Picture Gallery--a plethora of images for your viewing pleasure. Currently being overhauled...six galleries (around 100 pictures) online.

Multimedia - A section comprised of various multimedia files. Currently three types: .ra, .wav, and .mov.

Interactive Area - A place full of fun and games. Includes: Memory, Quiz, Word Search, Wallpaper, Digital Postcards, "6 Degrees of Hayley Mills", & the Mailing List.

Films & Awards - A list of Hayley's filmography, TV appearances, theatre credits, and awards.

Hayley on the Telly - A complete listing of Hayley's movies that will be shown on TV each month.

"The Parent Trap" (1998) - All of the information that you wanted to know about the remake of "The Parent Trap." Most of this background information was sent to me directly from Disney. Includes: info, pictures, articles, and links.

Movie Info - Summaries and information about some of Hayley's films. Not much up right now, but be patient! I'm working on a complete database of her work at the moment.

"Famous Fans" - A compilation of quotes about Hayley Mills by co-stars and others. Includes: The Spice Girls, Eli Wallach, Dean Jones, Joanna Barnes, Dorothy McGuire,Nancy Olsen, Kevin Kline, Janet Leigh, and more.

Interviews & Articles - Interviews and articles regarding Hayley...makes for good reading.

Audio Recordings - Includes information about many of Hayley Mills' records. It also has lyrics from the album "Let's Get Together With Hayley Mills", and a picture.

The Shop - Whether you're looking to start your Hayley Mills film collection or trying to nab that last elusive film to complete it, this is the place to begin.

Links & Awards

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