Photos from Popham Airfield

Popham Airfield in Hampshire is one of the best run and friendliest airfields around. Situated just off the A303 road, it boasts a well stocked restaurant and over 100 based aircraft.

On New Years Day and in the summer there are regular Fly-in's held at the airfield. Here's link to my photo galleries of recent events


Please click on the logo to take you to the page I've set up to try and work out all the aircraft taking part in the World Microlight and ParaMotor Championships that Popham is hosting.

The fly-ins


7 July LAA Andover Strut Fly-in and Gyrocopter Event
5 May Microlight Trade Fair (Sunday)
4 May Microlight Trade Fair (Saturday)
1 January New Year's Day


8 July CZAW Sportcruiser Fly-in
6 May Microlight Trade Fair (Sunday)
5 May Microlight Trade Fair (Saturday)


8 October End of Season Fly-in
21 May LAA Andover Strut Fly-in
7 May Van's fly-in
29 April Microlight Trade Fair (Saturday)
9 April Jodel Fly-in


9 October End of Season Fly-in
8 May Van's fly-in
1 May Microlight Trade Fair (Sunday)
30 April Microlight Trade Fair (Saturday)
10 April Jodel Fly-in


11 October End of Season Fly-in
13 September Auster & Friends
10 May Vintage Piper
4 May Aero/Autojumble & Classic Vehicle Rally & Fly-in
12 April Jodel Fly-in


27 July VAC 50th and Andover Strut fly-in
8 June Fly-in
4 May Microlight Trade Show (Sunday)
3 May Microlight Trade Show (Saturday)
13 April Jodel Fly-in


11 August SportCruiser Fly-in
9 June RV Fly-in
14 April Jodel fly-in


13 May Piper Anniversary Fly-in
6 May Microlight Trade Fair
5 May Microlight Trade Fair


8 October unknown
31 July Andover Strut Light Aircraft Association (LAA)
30 April Microlight Trade Fair
11 April Jodel Fly-in


19 September Solent Aviation Society Fly-in
12 September Vintage Piper Fly-in
8 August French Aircraft & Auster Fly-in
31 July LAA Andover Strut Weekend Fly-in
11 July Vans RV Fly-in
13 June Europa International Weekend Fly-in
3 May General Aviation
1 May Microlight Fly-in
11 April Jodel Fly-in


20 September Solent Aviation Society Fly-in
13 September YAK / Russian Aircraft Fly-in
9 August Vintage Piper and Auster Fly-in
14 June Vans RV Fly-in
10 May unknown
4 May Aero / Autojumble Fly-in
2 May Microlight Trade Fair


12 October End of Season fly-in
3 August Microlight fly-in
20 July Auster fly-in
29 June Charles Church Memorial fly-in
8 June Vans fly-in
11 May de Havilland fly-in


14 October End of Season fly-in
16 September Solent Aviation Society fly-in
16 June Piper Club France Rasemblement fly-in
5 May Microlight fly-in
8 April Jodel fly-in


17 September Solent Aviation Society fly-in
2 July Moth (and friends) Tour
25 June Midget Air Racers fly-in
9 April Jodel fly-in

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